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Because it is cheaper, cleaner, more secure and makes you feel good.

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Sunny Side Solar believes the scientific evidence that climate change is the most serious threat of our time. Therefore, we are dedicated to making Bermuda more resilient by taking positive action to diversify the energy supply. The best opportunity for this, after energy efficiency and conservation, is installing solar. To that end, we created a non-profit company that offers steep discounts by keeping overheads to a minimum and tapping into the highly competitive North American wholesale solar market.

The cofounders of Sunnyside solar are Bermudians, Nick Hutchings and Claire Smith. Nick has recently retired after 48 years in the marine contracting business to become a qualified distributed solar professional and, Claire is now semi-retired after creating her own  successful wholesale/retail businesses in Bermuda.

Sunny Side Solar donates all of its net profit towards providing solar for low income households struggling to pay their electricity bill, registered charities and important civic institutions.

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A 4 Kw solar array consisting of 12 panels will give you a savings of about $1,200 to $1,500 per year. If you are using a lot of power and you are in the higher rate band then these savings can be much higher.

Get in touch with us to determine specifics.

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Sunny Side Solar has trained a team of independent installers. We are fully confident in recommending them for your complete install.


We also offer a DIY Solar Service.

If you own your own home, have experience in the construction industry or are otherwise proficient in DIY home projects, we can teach you how to install your system. Our team will work alongside you and participate as much as you wish or need.

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We work with the most competitive solar wholesalers in North America. This gives us the flexibility to custom design systems according to your individual needs. The factory warrantees are valid for all our products. Our Misson Solar panels are made in USA.

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We offer HomeGrid batteries, these are a stacked modular design, and the Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the possibility of thermal runaway, they are also non-toxic and easily recycled unlike lithium ion batteries.
We combine this with the Sol-Ark hybrid inverter

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Most solar panels are designed to withstand 140 mph winds. Our panels are rated for 175mph because your solar panels will continue generating electricity for the next 25 years and given the rise in sea surface temperature, there is a corresponding increased risk of more intense, slower moving hurricanes. It seems likely that we will see higher windspeeds during the life span of your panels so we designed for this probability.



A 4.1kW home system consisting of 12 Mission Solar panels, with AP micro inverters, IronRidge aluminum racking with hardware and PV wire delivered to your house with Planning permission will cost around $11400. 

Anticipate an installation charge of around $4250 depending on site conditions.

An 8.3kW home system consisting of 24 Mission Solar panels, with AP micro inverters, IronRidge aluminum racking with hardware and PV wire delivered to your house with Planning permission will cost around $19,000.

Anticipate an installation charge of around $8500 depending on site conditions.

Note: installation estimates above are turn key.

Butterfield Bank are now offering green loans at competitive rates which makes solar available for those with little disposable income. With our pricing you can pay off your loan on your electricity savings. 

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Mission Solar MSE345SR8T Panels - Spec Sheet
AP micro inverters - Spec Sheet
IronRidge XR100 Racking

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We had a great experience working with Sunny Side Solar.  Nick Hutchings provided a number of install options that we considered across our different roof construction types before we settled on the best solution for our 8kW PV system.  I completed the mechanical install myself and Nick recommended suitable persons to assist.  The electrical install was completed by a qualified electrician.  I highly recommend Sunny Side Solar for affordable high quality PV.

Geoff Smith

Nick Hutchings, of Sunny Side Solar, is the reason I have solar panels on my roof. It is because of his enthusiasm, knowledge and contacts that this event has occurred. He made it so simple by getting the proper approval for his design and gave me the confidence to install the panels myself. The installation with his guidance saved me a lot of money. Should you think about the benefits of solar power, Nick is the man you need to make it happen.

Bill Ingham

Sunny Side Solar made the whole process so simple.  They assembled the panels, the racking system and the inverter and they all arrived in one crate delivered to our home.  The installation was completed within a week and our electricity bills have dropped by 75%, for a fraction of the cost of the competition.  I couldn't give them a higher recommendation.

Ken Vickers

I’d like to give a special thanks to installation company Solar Energy Solutions for being clean, quiet and efficient. Super nice besides! Thanks, guys, a job well done

Debbie and Nathan

I saved $744 on my monthly BELCO bill by installing solars. We looked into solar years ago but Sunny Side Solar actually made it affordable.

Bruce Lines

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How long will it take once I place an order?
Its difficult to answer this question because we are consolidating orders into one shipping container so shipping times can vary quite a bit. In the meantime we submit your application to planning and this takes 10 days.


Who will provide maintenance of my solar panels?
Your solar panels are rated for a 25 year life and there is no maintenance required except for periodic cleaning.


What if I am not so good at DIY do you have someone who can install the system for me?

We can recommend a qualified independent installer. 


Some people prepare their roof pre installation with Elastomeric or SKB paint  which lasts longer than traditional powder paint. Our experience suggests you can go up to 10 years with an acrylic roof paint before needing to remove your panels for repainting.

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Our first donation of 27 panels is already generating electricity for the Habitat for Humanity Womens Transitional Living Center.
Our next gift is was 40 panel system for Meals on Wheels and is cranking out some serious power.
The 46 panel system for Christ Church feeding program is helping them save money and feed more people.
And already on the island is a free system for Trunk Island and BAMZ all funded by our customers.

Doing our bit to save the planet one solar panel at a time


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